When I was just a wee teenage boy, trying to earn my keep in the Polydor Records mail room in London, I would see the original SUGABABES (Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan) come into to office to, no doubt, meet up with some A&R executive who was plotting to suck them dry of there youth and talent. At the time, the Sugababes were putting out some of the most interesting pop records around. The band continued for years but dropped all of it's original members one by one, whittling down all of the raw talent that made them great in the first place.

MUTYA KEISHA SIOBHAN thankfully survived all that nonsense and reformed as MKS, just in time to save pop music from all the cyborgs.

The first single, FLATLINE, is produced by the lovely and talented DEV HYNES (Solange, BLOOD ORANGE) and I'm LIVING FOR IT!



I am also living for my homey MENK's remix, on which has gone IN on the background vocals. Go on son!