Adam Lambert discusses new album, Sam Sparro Collaboration


Adam Lambert discussed his new album and his collaboration with Sam on two tracks in a recent interview with Yahoo Music.

Adam spoke about the track"Broken English" which he co-wrote with Sam and Producer Lester Mendez. "It's talking about communication and how sometimes language isn't the only way we communicate. People rely so heavily on words sometimes, and it's talking about the hidden meanings of things and the communication that can occur outside of spoken words--body language, eye contact, and how much beauty and magic there can be in that."

He also mentioned the much buzzed about "Shady", a collaboration with Sam and music legend Nile Rodgers. Adam had some great things to say about Mr. Sparro and the track: "

"He's amazing. He's such a funny guy too. Even a song like that that's a little more serious - we were just laughing the whole time. He's really funny."

When asked about Nile Rodgers, Adam stated "He didn't produce the track -he plays on it. We wrote this song, and Lester Mendez is actually the producer on it. We came up with this great funky song and we said "we need a guitar that's like that Nile Rodgers style and Sam looked at me and said "Why don't we just tweet him and ask him to do it?"

"Sam had corresponded with him a little bit on Twitter, I had never met him. So we tweeted him and he agreed to it."

Adam Lambert's sophomore album "TRESPASSING" will be released on March 20, 2012.