Paris Fashion Week Day 5

Screen shot 2012-01-24 at 12.21.32 PM

Me and Parisian Daily Editor, Beejan Land outside Lanvin show. Photo by Rasmus Jensen 

The fifth and final day of Men's Fashion week began with coffee and pastries served on the runway at the Lanvin show. What a considerate way to present a collection so early on a Sunday. The show was packed to the brim with one of the largest crowds I'd seen this week. The clothes were rich and refined and presented in a large warehouse with a classic pianist which segued into piece of hard electro. The general look and feel was strong and suited. The trousers were high waisted and the shoulders dropped, sort of a Gatsby/Bladerunner man-about-town. There were some really great hats too, which played on some of the shapes they were doing a few years ago. A great collection and an exciting show.